Computational Intelligence Laboratory of Peking University was founded in 2007. Now there are five faculty members in our lab, including one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, two professors, one guest professor and one research fellow.

    We are focusing on the research work related with Computational Intelligence, including Swarm Intelligence, Fireworks Algorithm, Neural Networks Information Processing, Intelligent Info Processing, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery and DNA Biological Computation as well as their application in Computer Information Security. We are doing some work with Intelligent Information Processing, Artificial Immune System for Information Security, Evolutionary Computation, Blind Source Separation Neural Network, Machine Learning Method, etc.


  • Welcome to our new FWA Forum with new open sourced code on github.

  • Welcome active researchers with a PhD degree to join us as postdoctoral fellows Bo Ya Postdoctoral Fellowship (博雅博士后) to do some innovative and amazing works under the guidance of Prof. Ying Tan. Interested people should send your CV and statements to ytan(AT)pku.edu.cn! Read more

  • Welcome active youth researchers and teachers at universities and institutes to join us as visiting scholars and training teachers to do some innovative works and projects under the big umbrella of Computational Intelligence! Interested people should send your CV and statement to Prof. Y. Tan at ytan(AT)pku.edu.cn.

  • Generative Adversarial Optimization (GAO), an inovative new optimization algorithm pdf . The code  of GAO is available now! Click here to download it. 

What's New in 2021

  • Call for papers for the journal Machine Learning with Applications: Special Issue: Machine Learning in Finance [Poster] [Website]


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