Special Session on Fireworks Algorithm and Its Applications

IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation - CEC 2019


Fireworks Algorithm (FWA) is a new swarm-based optimization algorithm which has different cooperation framework and search manner compared to other SI algorithms, such as Particle Swarm Optimization, Ant Colony Optimization and Genetic Algorithm. Locally, population called fireworks exploit local landscape by a simple sampling method called explosion operation. Globally, fireworks exchange condensed information and collaboratively decide parameters of their explosion. FWA achieved overwhelming success on both benchmark objective functions and real-world problems. Recent researches include many effective variants and huge amount of successful applications. FWA framework has revealed competitive performance compared with other SI optimization methods. The main aim of this special session is to gather both experts' experience and new-comers' innovations of firework algorithm and its applications. We're expecting researches on theoretical analysis and improvement of FWA and application of all kinds of practical situations.